friday five

I was getting kinda bored with the questions asked on this Friday Five site, as they often require an all-day think session, or they’re silly or I don’t find interesting. It should easy to answer, and you should be able to be finished in 20 mins TOPS. I could be left thinking about what my “personal vendetta as a superhero villian” would be for DAYS.

So, thanks to this, Friday Five continues.

1. What’s your weather?
I assume this is asking what’s my favorite, in which case, windy warm weather in the Autumn wins by a landslide. Think beach weather but with leaves. ESPECIALLY when the day ends with a storm.

2. Where are you on your way to?
Erm.. five more hours of work, I guess. Oh, and a housewarming at Mike’s tonight, I think.

3. Are you good with directions?
Yes, I think so. Others might question it. Now that I’ve sorted out the whole which way is North / South etc. ideal, I’m quasi confident that if you plopped me in the middle of Independence, I would *eventually* find my way back to the highway.

4. Do you know your neighbors?
Yes, and no. I live in a six-plex, and of the five other tenants, I was at “cup of sugar/share recycling” status with the one across the hallway (who I think moved, damn! 😦 ), “wave if see in public” status with another, I’ve yelled at one for blasting Matchbox 20, another is frightening (I think he’s a boxer? a cage fighter?) and I might have grunted at the other one. He’s new.

5. What do you smell?
Potatoes and hot dogs. There’s some tailgate party and I have a weirdly sensitive nose. This is a vast improvement on how it usually smells around here.


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