Due to having a nutty weekend where a majority of it was spent covered in dust and moving boxes, I was hardly near a computer all weekend. I did, however, manage to snap the daily photos.

FRIDAY, 1.29.10

most emo shot of them all

Preview of Mike’s new place. Very impressed…!! He really found a gem of a place in the River Market, which has gone from being affordable to hot neighborhood, i.e. gouged places and everything has been subsidized (only affordable for those who make under 28k, to which I say PUH-LEASE – who can afford their own place at that salary?!) Anyway, he found a very nifty loft studio for a great rate, which looks right onto the downtown skyline. Consider me jealous.

SATURDAY, 1.30.10


The big moving day. Woke up with the birds and helped get Mike’s seemingly minimalistic apartment wrapped up, into the truck and at the new place by 12. A great workout!!

The day went really well, and I actually had a fantastic day. The weather worked out all right (snow in morning, bright sun in the afternoon!), we got finished in good time, and spent the afternoon thrifting and doing errands and having pizza / beer at Minsky’s.

the mess.

enough kitchen mess to give mike cardiac arrest. also? BEER

have i mentioned the view is epic?

We had a good time obsessing over arranging his apartment, which became a bit of an intense collaboration. His place is full of angles and is sort of a challenging layout, but we MASTERED IT. It met all of our finicky demands. Mike, you aren’t allowed to change a thing, for the record. 😉

SUNDAY, 1.31.10

sweet swell season poster + me looking ROUGH

I got my sweet Swell Season poster. 2 posters down, 1 to go. Also? I look ragged. I spent the day working out and cleaning mike’s old apt. This is the best I could do.


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