photos of the weekend

SUNDAY, 1.24.10

swimming in books

Between the books I check out at Borders, the magazines I still haven’t read, the ones given to me, and ones I’ve checked out from the library, I have me some HEAVY READING to do. A good problem to have.

(That’s the plight in working at a bookstore, even if it is part time. I spend all day seeing books I want to read, or mags I need to check out, etc etc. I feel like a drunk in a bar.)

SATURDAY, 1.23.10

My lasertag name: UMBRIEL. Why couldn't I have Falcon?!

Laser Tag = INSANELY FUN. Also insane? How I look in this photo. I look ready to lose my mind. Which I did, by screaming and running amuck for 10 minutes in the dark with a fake gun. If you haven’t tried Laser Tag, GO DO IT THIS WEEKEND.

We ended up playing Laser Tag because APPARENTLY, bowling is the thing to do on a Saturday night in KC. I am not joking in saying I have never been in an alley where every single lane was booked, let alone every place in town. Bowling is what I do when nothing else sounds good. In my mind, bowling alleys being completely booked is like going to a 2-week old movie at 2 pm on a Tuesday and it being sold out. Just doesn’t happen.

After Laser Tag we went down the street to scare the wits out of my sister coming out of work and ended up here, which wow! good times.

Hope you had a good weekend too! I know I did.


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