bound to be disappointed, i suppose

As you might know, I love the book Lovely Bones. I have been stalking it on IMDB ever since I caught wind Peter Jackson had bought up the rights to it many moons ago. Elevendy hunderthousand years later, they FINALLY released the trailer.

And I was SO EXCITED to see this one. But if this or this movie has taught me anything, it’s to not expect the movie to measure up to the goodness of the book. ESPECIALLY in example no. 2 (SUCH a travesty). You will always have an idea of how it should be in your mind, and current day directors take your favorite books and interpret them like they never even read it, or really understood the point it was making at all. Of course, there are a few exceptions. And there’s the potential of this one being good, too.

ANYWAY. Meagan and I went to the screener of Lovely Bones last night. All up? Meh. Meagan summarizes it best:

There wasn’t enough family plot. Susan Sarandon was such a total throw-away, she was practically a cameo.  And the purgatory scenes looked like Peter Jackson wrote down a bunch of themes and imagery that he wanted to get across and then tacked them on a cork board and filmed them and edited them in that order.

They really should have just stuck to the book. It practically read like a script. Also? WAY too much focus on her in heaven, like Meagan says. It got tiresome seeing all these visually stunning scenes in this heaven she was in, which you thought served a purpose in revealing some clue or sign, but then would fade to black and wouldn’t connect to the following scenes. The book is really all about how her family and friends deal with her death, and how our protagonist (who’s film version looked IDENTICAL to my sister at a younger age) looked on and watched how it all unfolded. It was not an ode to her beautiful heaven, which this movie became. Visually stunning, of course, but it moved at a pace so slow I felt myself wanting to push it along and stopped caring about all the fancy scenery.

Also, Peter Jackson: you know how to direct one of the most completely unbearable lead-up-to-murder scenes. I was physically uncomfortable and squirming in my chair the entire 10 minutes.

So all up.. I’d say wait for the rental. Or better yet? Read the book. Have I mentioned how good it is? 😉

PS After reading this post myself, I’ve just now realized I sound like the equivalent of an obsessed Star Trek nerd, berating the filmmakers, i.e. YOU LEFT THIS LINE OF DIALOGUE OUT?! And don’t even bring up the misinterpretation of the protagonist!! Seriously, someone take me out sometime. I clearly need it.


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