photo of the day

mmm.... comfort clothing

Happy Friday, all! The high today in Kansas City is zero degrees. ZERO. I was reading The Weather Channel this morning, and saw the following: “Temperatures will start out in the minus 20s and 30s in the Dakotas with dangerous wind chills of 30 to 50 below zero”, and instantly felt better. Can you IMAGINE?! Ugh, so much more awful.  It seems like with the temp just being at zero, everyday life becomes hazardous and extremely uncomfortable (and not to mention DRY). I have hardwood floors in my apartment, and they seem to have chilled to the temperature outside… walking without slippers in 2W is like literally requesting the doctor to inject you with pneumonia.

I’m going to see Avatar 3D tonight and I’m pretty chuffed… I heard from Lauren that it far exceeded her expectations. I am pretty sure I want to see it, but if the 3D is anything like that “flying over the world” ride at Epcot Center, better find a plant or popcorn bag for me to vomit in.

PS I realize I have no photo from yesterday yet.. but it’s coming. I went to dinner last night with Lauren’s whole awesome family and like a million cameras were already out and snapping shots. I felt foolish to throw mine in the mix… so I’ll just steal one of Lauren’s photos from the evening.

UPDATE: Eh, screw it. I can’t be bothered being patient. Here’s my backup daily shot.

up to my knees in this cold bullsh*t


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