nye’s of a decade’s past

Meagan and I got to talking a couple days ago about NYE’s past, and about what we were doing on each New Year’s Eve of the last ten years. Take a second to think about it… can you remember each year?

I was shocked as to how hard it was to remember what the hell I was doing in the years before 2004. Totally a blur. This includes the high school straight-as-an-edge years. It was as if before Flickr and Facebook came along, New Years Eve was an old timey memory that may as well not have happened. Anyway, I digress.

I was determined to rediscover my NYE’s past. And what did I find in my box of photos? A MUCH MUCH MORE EXCITABLE SELF. The photos I have from the years 2000-2005 are OUTRAGEOUS. I was/am like off-the-walls excited and happy in every photograph.

Let’s start this off with…


at midnight

sparklers, pots & pans were present as well as a lack of alcohol

I didn’t drink a DROP in high school. So, this year being from when I was a ridiculous SIXTEEN YEARS OLD (cannot believe it!!), that means I wasn’t drinking or smoking or doing anything naughty other than starve myself. We all got together at my BFF Lauren’s house and literally drank over 13 bottles of Sparkling Apple Juice in one night, and at midnight my friend Tracy announced it was NYE tradition at her house or somewhere that we go outside and bang pots and pans. And we did, and we all had a damn blast ringing in the new century. Until the next morning, when we all woke up with the most EPIC SUGAR HANGOVER EVER.


note the sparkley blue eyeshadow, charlie angels tee

excited and also caught up in the balloon bag

Still straight-edge, still a zygote, now at an impressionable 17 years old. We partied over at my friend Sara’s house, with every gay guy we knew. It was Fabulous. We even played the NSync game, which my Backstreet Boys OBSESSED friend Lauren smoked us all at. Pfft. I thought NSync was the ENEMY, LAUREN.


it took some photoshop work to un-washout this photo

In college now. We all trucked it over to my friend Lindsey’s house. It was the most random night. I believe there was a point in the evening where someone was running on the treadmill and I was showing people my thong (a trend I just discovered). I needed to go home (down the street, literally) and I wasn’t allowed to because I COULD GET KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER and her parents would apparently be completely at fault. But regardless, good times.


the now-tradition kiss shot

Not much memory of this year’s party, other than vague flashbacks to having a good time in Lauren’s basement. Lauren and I began a tradition one of those years of taking a shot kissing one of our gay friends David. This is the only photographic proof that I did not, in fact, stay at home in my pajamas that night. Also? Note the very unfortunate haircut.


the lost year

Zero memory of this year. But I’m pretty sure this photo is from that night. If any of my friends reading this can help me remember, please do. Also, an improvement in hair.


i got that shirt for xmas, and was completely obsessed with it. only later found out it looked like lingerie.

ashley's up for it


I HAD EMBRACED DRINKING. A senior in college now,  this is the year I got retardedly drunk. But I had, hands down, one of the most memorable nights of my whole life. Best NYE’s party to date. The night involved groping, a crap ton of dancing, Charades (I think?), my getting Lisa’s completely underage brother to do shots, Amy spending the entire evening in the bathroom, tire swings, and ultimately my vomiting in the front of Lauren’s yard. And covering it up like a dog. Like I said, BEST YEAR EVER.


wellington! on a building's roof illegally

on beach of island off wellington. watch out for dead jellyfish!

ringing in the new year with extremely delicious chinese food

In New Zealand now! My friend Rizzo, his friend Josh and I had an EPIC New Year’s eve. We toured around downtown Wellington, even sneaking onto a building’s rooftop to get a panorama. Then took a boat over an island, rented bikes and went down to the beach – fantastic!! We had delicious Chinese food and rung in the New Year at a jazz club and then drove around to all the makeout spots around the mountain and turned our brights on those emo teens making out in cars. I make not a single thing up – it was such a fun day!!


chilling on the beach

the frenchman and the german guy, who got really super angry the next day upon finding SOMEONE STOLE HIS CARDIGAN.

After Christmas, as a last hurrah before I left, I spent three weeks camping with my friend Elysia in different beach towns along the coast of New Zealand. She knows an insane amount of people so finding rides to the next place was never a problem. For New Years Eve, we were in Whitianga, where we spent the morning on the beach, and then did BANANA BOAT (which was insanely hard and fun) and then partied at our campsite with all these foreign people. Very fun.


likely getting made fun of

lauren and the man who steals her from us

the aftermath

First year back. I am living at home for the time being, but watching over my brother’s apartment / cat while he’s in Israel. Obviously, with this opportunity, I decide to have a “small get together” at his place. I cooked up my mom’s lasagna and we all stayed in and drank ourselves through a healthy amount of beer. And I may or may not lost my brother’s cat about… 4 times. That thing is sneaksie!


the food of nerds

ari's ready. spin him!

from the way tobi reacted to santa hat, it's safe to say she's a jewish cat

I had finally moved into my own place, after a stint of living at home, and decided to break it in with an ode to my middle school self. We had a geek themed party at my place, complete with math equations on windows, nerd food, dork games and a cat dressed in a Santa hat. It was so much fun, but it’s pretty stressful hosting your own party, and stressing about everyone knowing how to get there, and is there enough food and booze, and hoping everyone is having a great time. And I’m pretty sure everyone did! So hurrah!

Wow. So that was an epic post. So have you remembered your past 10 years’ NYE’s? Can you remember what you were doing on 2000? Was much different ten years ago, than it is today? It blew me away to think of all the different stages in life and places I’d been in the last 10 years.

So onto Meagan’s for 2010! 🙂 Have an amazing New Years Eve – and stay safe – Holiday Cabs are free fare tonight!!

I leave you with this. Auld Lang Syne, y'all


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