giving mood

Hello lovelies – hope you’re having an AWESOME December, and that the holidays don’t have you too stressed. I’ve taken it pretty easy this December, and not really by choice – I’ve been so busy with the two jobs I have, plus life, I have been sort of prevented from blowing all my money even if I had loads of it or the time to.

I’m half way through my gift buying, and pretty pleased with myself on how I’m doing. The men in my family are done – a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. My dad is the no. 1 HARDEST person on the Earth to buy for. Why? He doesn’t need or want anything, and wants the same things he gets every year, which I refuse to comply with. You could give him a Jerry Garcia tie, jogging pants, or a Far Side tee-shirt / desk calendar and he would be completely satisfied. He’d just sit around the rest of Christmas Day dressing himself in torn wrapping paper:

Every birthday, Christmas... without fail

My brother is equally hard to shop for, because he has a) expensive tastes and b) is extreeeeeeeeeeemely picky. The women in my fam are considerably easier: my mom hardly buys anything for herself all year, so there are so many things she needs or doesn’t buy for herself that she is a breeze to buy for each time. She asks for things like, “I need a pair of jeans. The ones I’ve had for the last 12 years finally gave out on me.” And my sister? She is the girliest, most fun little creature to buy for. You get to buy her all the fun things you wish you could buy for yourself but aren’t confident enough to pull off. SHE IS. Example: something like this. Anyone else? Looks quasi-ridiculous. Her? Really good. It isn’t fair.

Anyway, in the spirit of the holidays (and my promise to myself to do at least one personal creative project a month), I have created some goodies for you. Gift tags for your gifts! Including some tags for those who make goodie bags, which is how I got the idea for this project to begin with.

Click thru to see it full size!

Click HERE to download the PDF.
You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and use this file. Download the reader for free here. These templates are for personal, non-commercial use only.
To use:
Print them onto cardstock and punch a hole for twine or thread, or print them onto sticker paper for festive holiday labels. I usually use either brown “cardboard-ish” like cardstock. But the sticker paper works great!! Cuts down on time.

I really like how these turned out! I really enjoyed making them. However, it proved to be a bit tough squinting at my wee little 12″ Powerbook screen trying to finish these. But regardless – enjoy.


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