she’s crafty and i’m addicted

Wendy Russell, adorable host of "She's Crafty"

I don’t get cable, so the choices are limited obviously. I was thrilled to find that one of the channels I get (Ion) isn’t half bad, other than it’s indulgence in 90’s era-type B roll. But it’s the closest thing I get to HGTV, and I get She’s Crafty on there, and it is ADORABLE.

It’s this show where she creates all this nifty stuff, using a lot of things you’d find at home. I love it not necessarily for the stuff she makes but for the tips she has on how to do it. She did this photo project last night that was pretty awesome, and now I know how to transfer a photo using gel emulsion and copper.

I think I love the whole table / station she gets for doing all this. The way my place is right now, I have zero extra room and very little storage, but it’d be nice to have just a whole table or room for just tooling around.


One thought on “she’s crafty and i’m addicted

  1. I just began watching your show and it is truly fabulous–I have been a watercolour portrait artist–quilter–jewelry maker–crocheter = if a word and and an all around crafter all my life. Anyway, want to know what kind of car do you drive? I use to have a 1969 chevy corvair–loved it until I could no longer get parts. Absolutely adore the show — keep it up forever. comrade in crafting Nan Meck

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