snow day

Eighty percent of Copenhagen's cyclists continue to ride through the Copenhagen winter. That is BAD ASS.

So it’s definitely winter!! Bit of a blizzard swept through last night, and it was so gorgeous. I was in a cafe when it started coming down, and was instantly reminded of how totally ethereal it feels when it’s snowing.  I went driving – with my glorious 4 wheel drive – in Westwood and Mission Hills on the way back, and it was something out of a postcard. I love the night before everyone wakes up and deals with the snow. The snow is still smooth and untouched and not slushy and black from all the drivers.

ANYways, I too got up and dealt with the sub-zero windchill and car doors frozen shut. It is so unhumanely cold out today… it took my car 30 minutes to wake up and defrost itself properly and realize I needed it to haul me to work. Also, I have approximately 40 layers on. You can hardly see a face or womanly figure through all the layering:

that's one of TWO scarves, plus 4 warm layers and 2 pairs of mittens

Also important: When I walked in the door to my office, I first gasped and then laughed out of sheer…speechlessness. Apparently there’s some inter-office “decorate your cubicle” contest, and this guy has built – REQUIRING WOOD AND NAILS AND A HAMMER, HE HAS BUILT –  an wooden entrance way to his freakin cubicle. With lights draped over it. I can’t manage to sneak a photo without everyone seeing right now, but as soon as I can, you will all witness the Christmas FERVOR that enraptures the inside sales team at my company. There are full serious conversations around here about what so-and-so is doing, and OMG did you know there’s a sale on white lights at CVS? And oh, and Bill just put all his mini trees up last night. I show my Christmas spirit by eating chocolate and complaining about being cold. It works for me.

Also, exciting to only me: new planner!!

Old meet new. Resolution 1: Use less highlighter in 2010.

I use my day planner CONSTANTLY. I feel naked without it. It’s definitely an old fashioned habit, but if I don’t physically write down a task or to-do, it will not be committed to memory and it probably won’t happen or be paid or attended. I’ve just now made myself sound like a 90 year old woman with increasing dementia. Regardless, I’m ready for a new year of insanity and lists for everything and too much on and apparently needing to a trip to Target bi-weekly.

Speaking of the New Year, two things.
A) What do you usually end up doing on New Years Eve? Do you stay in, go to a friends, or go all out and hit the town? (My fantasy New Years plans? THIS.)
B) What are the things
you want to get done or improve on in the New Year? Do you ever actually complete your resolutions or abandon them 3 months in?


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