frazzle rock

Things I need to properly relax:

A clean apartment
More often that not, solitude

That is all. I’m burnt out lately from all the work, and I came home from a hard day last night, and all I did was do dishes for like 2 whole hours, change into my jeans and watch Lord of the Rings 2. And drink beer. Seriously, thank god for beer. It was a nerdy, rednecky night.

I’ve also been reading a lot lately. Of course, by “a lot” I mean consistently reading the same book without abandoning it a fourth of the way in. Currently reading:

So far, really liking it. It’s unlike most of the books I’m usually attracted to, which is a hard to describe category in itself. This book sort of reminds me of The Illusionist but not cheesy, that magician movie with Huge Jackman but not so moody, and even the new Sherlock Holmes movie from the visual image I have set up in my mind for the backdrop of this book. Either way, it’s fun and I’d recommend it – from only being 1/3 of the way in.

Next up?

In the Woods, by Tana French

PS The author of this book is the most elf-like woman ever, from the photo on her bookjacket. Don’t you agree?

... or maybe I just watched LOTR last night, and everyone looks a bit elfy


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