weekend update

So yeah, it’s Wednesday, but let’s talk about this past weekend anyway. It’s tradition that I’m always a bit late with things anyway, so in keeping with tradition, let’s get to talking about one of the BEST WEEKENDS EVER.

Friday night: Long-ass bike ride in the cold! But it was so fun. Mike, Meagan and I decided at the last sec to do Critical Mass, as last years’ Halloween ride was amazing. We ended up in the West Bottoms, AGAIN, drinking and hanging out near the Edge of Hell and Meagan ended up getting into a theological debate with the Jesus peeps. After biking up the gigantic hill that is Kansas City, drank at Gilhoulys, and rolled around in the leaves. Good times.

stopped for no reason in the worst part of town

Saturday night: HALLOWEEN. Obviously. I retardedly had to work at the coffee shop, but managed to get off at a decent hour and race home and change into my Amelia Earhardt costume. I scored the MOST AMAZING BOMBER JACKET EVER at ATC, that even had an emblazoned A on it. I loved the whole outfit and had such a blast wearing it.

amelia! with long hair and at first glance, no pants

Meagan (Margot Tenenbaum), Mike (Billy Mays) and Chris (Mayan God) and I headed over to this AMAZING house party in Brookside. We drank well into the night, caught up with people who hadn’t seen me since my UBER NERDY middle school days and partied with all our buddies and had such a fantastic time. I feel like I still reek like a bonfire. Regardless, for various reasons, one of the best Halloweens yet. See pics here.

margot & amelia, together at last

mike and hutch, together at last


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