My Top 5 Overplayed Artists on Pandora:

5. The Hush Sound

4. Regina Spektor

3. Jack Johnson

2. Dirt Poor Robins

1. Tie between: Colbie Callait and Marie Digby

I really cannot stress how much and often Pandora’s like, oh hey Colbie Callait? No? How about now? Okay fine. *minutes later* How about now? No? How about Jack Johnson with Colbie Callait?

This is an Arcade Fire station. DO NOT WANT.

Do I talk about Pandora enough? Well, while we’re on the topic, free Pandora really bites. I used to be okay with dealing with the skipping limits, but now they’re making the free listeners really suffer. Listening limits – 40 hours a month??? Do they not realize most people work 40 hours a week? And the ads. Good heavens, the ads. They have gotten so bad and so persistent. Cheers to Pandora for being a once-good thing, selling out and now totally sucking. I REFUSE TO PAY FOR YOU.  REFUSE.


2 thoughts on “ENOUGH ALREADY

  1. Yep. Paying $0.99/month for unlimited music so they can keep the site going instead of being shut down over royalty disputes…SO UNFAIR. I shall weep for you every night.

  2. I know that’s why they have the limits, and I’m all for paying for something I could guarantee would work the way it should. It seems to be a lesser version of itself.

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