that one post about death

This is a particularly bleak Friday Five, so my apologies. It’s quite suiting for this weather – drab, drippy and dragging us kicking and screaming into winter. Also? This post reminds me of that part from High Fidelity where he goes to the funeral for Laura’s dad and makes his Top 5 list for songs to play at his funeral.


1. What way would you want to go out?
Hmmm. Not sure, other than the cliche “in my sleep” sorta thing.  I also think it’d be nice to have a goodbye to anyone, someone, before you go, so you could at least part with a few nice words.  I think I know more about how I don’t want to die (see next).

2. In what way would you not want to die?
In a car wreck. Also, in any other way where I would be in intense physical pain and just be waiting for it to end.  If it’s going to be painful, let it be quick and over with as soon as possible (well, duh) and not let me sit there wondering where my arm is or something.

3. If you died tomorrow, is there anything you’d regret you hadn’t done?
Traveled more, and been more honest with myself and others.

4. If you died tomorrow, what you be happiest about in your life?
That I had tried to do things a bit differently. And that I had so many people I loved who loved me back. Oh, and I have good hair.

5. What song(s) would you want played at your funeral?
“Spirit in the Sky”, by Norman Greenbaum and almost anything by Dido.


2 thoughts on “that one post about death

  1. 2. BURIED ALIVE. I can barely even sit here and think about it without passing out. Any sort of claustrophobic/suffocation situation, ie. like dying in a submarine. Because I spend so much time in submarines.

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