the big run: the details

If you’re tired of hearing about the 1/2 marathon, this isn’t the post for you.

The 1/2 marathon – I did it!! I can’t believe it’s come and gone. I do have to admit I probably made a bigger fuss about it then most people I know would, but this was such a landmark in my mind.

First off, I made my goal time – even beat it! I wanted to do the whole thing in 2:30, and I rocked in at 2:28. Gotta say though – hot damn, it was HARD. But nothing rewarding happens without a little hard work, right?

So it was freezing at 7am (when it started) but I was so anxious and buzzed and ready to do it then I hardly noticed. I didn’t even have time to pin on my bib, so finding the pro pics might prove to be a little hard. Anyway. Could not believe the # of people at the start line, it was so claustrophobic. Was glad when crowd thinned out. I made it through downtown without any problem at all, other than the typical warming-up aches and pains. Everyone was super chatty and singing and excited, but wnce we hit Kessler Hill, it’s  like the sh*t hit home, and everyone stopped talking and remembered how painful this would be.

Feeling good ... for now

Feeling good at the Plaza ... for now

I took it easy over Wyandotte Hill – the worst hill EVER – and picked up the pace going down Main Street, and managed to bypass a lot of people. My dad met me down at the Plaza, and was just this beaming, frazzle-haired head at the end of the plaza – was so happy to see me!! Such a good dad.

Once I hit the hit Gilham – about mile 9 – things started to really hurt and my legs felt like they were made out of rocks. I did some walking and shuffling, but I was cold and achey and really hurting. It’s at these time where you start to question if you will, in fact, finish.



I FINALLY made it to the top of Gilham and Armour, and it was time for some East KC action. I got a second wind, and all of a sudden, felt fantastic and was able to bypass all those fools who had squeaked past me on Gilham. I was probably running at an 8-minute mile pace.

I cramped up briefly, but seriously ROCKED IT into the 18th and Vine district. I think doing the course beforehand really helped – I knew exactly what was coming up and where I could afford to run a bit faster. I felt fantastic in the last 2 miles – just was full out running my quickest, and got bypassed by the winner of the MARATHON. WHO FINISHED BEFORE I DID. (Yes, totally insane, right?!) My Dad, my brother and lovely Mike (who biked the whole course and cheered me on throughout it) were all there to cheer my on as I cruised to the finish.

almost there!! (dad on right)

almost there!! (dad on right)

I put every last bit of energy into running at full tilt into the finish line, and was nauseatingly tired. But I did it!! I ran in before 2:30! And yes, cupcakes were had (After Dinner Mint and Raspberry Lemonade) and a GIGANTIC nap was taken.

I finished! Alright, get me to bed.

I finished! Alright, get me to bed.

Weirdly enough – can’t wait to do it again. 🙂


One thought on “the big run: the details

  1. I am so glad you told me about your blog! By your pictures it sure seems like you had an easier time with the half than I think I am going to. I suck at running… but I sure love it. Hugs!

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