the big run: the playlist


I cannot believe I run the half-marathon tomorrow. What an EPIC thought. Just one year ago, I would have totally rolled my eyes if you said I’d be running the half-marathon. I could barely run a couple miles without being totally puffed and sweaty.

So, I’m really into my music when running, and even a bit perplexed by those who aren’t. What better time to play all those awesome songs that get you fired up at ear-shattering MAX VOLUME? Anyway, I have created my ultimate 1/2 Marathon playlist, which has already got me pumped up. I am going to have to CONCENTRATE to not totally run at full speed listening to it.

(I would put these on an iMix but I own these songs in all sorts of random locations and it’s too much of a hassle. But they’re all on there on iTunes.)

Stuck Here For Days, The Datsuns
Absolute best choice for getting fired up. This is a New Zealand band, and are so totally amazing. One of the best live acts I’ve seen from a small band. Listen for the epic scream at the end!

Everything is Alright,  Motion City Soundtrack

So What, Pink
Pink has really grown on me lately. I mean, it’s cheesey and ragey, but sometimes you need an anthem like this to bounce along to.

Burning for You,  Shiny Toy Guns
This may or may not be the song off a Lincoln commercial.

Divine Inspiration, The Way
One of the goodies in trance music, which is fantastic for running.

Genesis, Justice
This song rocks so hard. It is the ULTIMATE for getting your gears going. I triple damn dog dare you to listen to it and not want get your move on.

Stand and Deliver, No Doubt

Saving My Face, KT Tunstall

K, The Tutts
Words do not do justice to how totally into this song I was when I first heard it. I think I emailed EVERYONE this song and demanded they listen to it.

Only One Too (Stonebridge Mix), Jewel
A song I stumbled onto thanks to Pandora. The original is FANTASTIC. I wish she would make more music like it.

Salute Your Solution, The Raconteurs
Seriously, ridiculously good. Makes you want to pump your fists and mosh and get a bit crazy.

Queen Bitch, David Bowie

Welcome to the World, Kevin Rudolf & Rick Ross
DON’T JUDGE. I, too, loathe poseur acts like Kevin Rudolf. However, musical dignity takes a hit when it comes to running / working out music. See: Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, 90s pop acts.

Brazil,  Deadmau5

Big Sky, John O’Callaghan

Sunchyme, Dario G
FAVORITE. WORKOUT. SONG. EVER. I first heard this song when I worked at Express, and the store cd would loop and  I’d just be WAITING for this song to play. It sounds like a Coca-Cola commercial and makes me want to do things like jump off a roof or run with lions or some crazy shit.

Party Hard, Andrew WK
If a workout playlist does not have Andrew WK, you have failed. TOTALLY FAILED. An absolute essential.

So there it is. See you at the race tomorrow and/or wish me luck!


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