that’s not art

The internet is the reason I have ADD, and sites like this, this and this are the reasons the people I work think I laugh randomly at whatever I’m working on. But of course, they’re from places like Lawson, MO and don’t understand things like the Internet and Tumblr and Conan O’Brien, so I’m not too worried.

New Obsession: that’s not art

Forget (via fueledbyphotos)

It’s easy, just jump off that pier and don’t fight it. While you’re down there drowning, see if you see the space bar. Because I can only assume it’s dead too, based on the fact that you didn’t use it at all between those words. Unless you actually meant to use the word iwishicouldforget (verb) meaning “to poorly lay out text.”

PS Sorry for my thousand year absence from this thing. I often get to a point where I’m like, it’s easier to share this on Reader than to properly blog it, and think the only people reading this thing are the ones reading my Reader as well. And then talking about life? Same thing. The only confirmed people who know about this blog are the people I talk to everyday. Long story short:  why am I even blogging now?


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