So as I’ve stated before, I’ll be running the Kansas City half marathon in 8 weeks.

This is a big deal for the following reasons:

1) This past winter, I got a gym membership. I spent a majority of it on the treadmill, running. I was MAXED OUT, completely puffed by 3 miles. It was a big deal when I hit that 3 mile point on that treadmill, cuz that meant I could finally stop and breathe and die on the floor. 8 months later, running 3 miles is a relative breeze. Now I’m trying to get used to casually and comfortably running twice that amount for each of my runs. In my world, THIS IS HUGE.

2) Kansas City is HILLY. THIS is my neighborhood.

3) The nerves. I’m totally afraid of starting the race, and hitting the wall half way in. I had a moment of panic this weekend after a particularly hard 5 miler, wondering what the hell I signed up for and how the heck I was supposed to run 13 miles when FIVE miles felt like death. I’ve been reassured it will get easier, and yes, runners are gluttons for punishment. Get used to the feeling of nausea and total exhaustion.

4) The food/fuel situation . One needs to understand the main problem with me is I just totally run out of steam mid-long run. Like, ZERO energy near the end. I don’t know if it’s my metabolism or if it’s just a mental thing, but near the end of every run every muscle in my body is like YOU NEED TO STOP RUNNING. I REALLY HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE YOU. I QUIT. I am seriously over-worried about the meal I need to eat to finish a 13 miler.

It is so seriously ridiculous I’m stressing about THIRTEEN miles. My boyfriend considers that a casual run, and considers a proper run something in the neighborhood of 50 miles. In the woods. In the coldest, iciest part of winter. And yes, I think it’s weird and unnatural too.


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