a leaner charbucks

So. Starbucks thinks the way it’s gonna make up for the money it’s losing because no one can afford $4 coffees anymore is by making coffee faster for the schmucks who still can.

As a former Charbucks employee, I CAN ASSURE YOU – things were quite lean already. They had those barista routines figured down to the corporate nanosecond. Every five minutes there was a timer going off reminding you of something to change, to check, to rotate out, and if you were making a drink? NARY A SECOND WASTED. Timed to the millisecond. If you didn’t get the timing right, you threw it away and started again. And they fed us all this mumbo-jumbo about how the coffee experts had all these reasons for why a shot needed to pulled and poured within five seconds, and why it must be stirred for this long, blah blah blah. Many a death glare did I shoot at a manager who routinely would take my PERFECT drink and dump it because I only steamed the milk to 170 degrees AND NOT THE REQUIRED 180.

So wtf Starbucks? Were the coffee experts wrong?!


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