why aren’t you at the ER already?!

This site’s a total scam. I know it’s over the top, but I go in there and put my symptoms in, and the SECOND I put in that I have a sore throat it falls off its chair, and pleads with me to seek “immediate medical attention.” When I put in that I’m having difficulty swallowing, it gets so panicky I’m afraid it’s going to notify the local hospital for me. I’m no medical genius, but I’m quite sure there’s no reason for alarm when you just have a simple sore throat. Also, I’m sure the nurses at your doctor’s office avoid the phone calls from people who have obviously been on WebMD and been given a death warrant.

Saying this, I’m going to go get it checked out, and they’re going to tell me I have throat cancer, and WHY DIDN’T I SEEK IMMEDIATE ATTENTION?! Why didn’t I just heed WebMD’s warnings just this once??


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