what am I getting myself into

It’s no secret I’m kind of (read: TOTALLY) obsessed with decorating my apartment. I’ve spent about eleventy thousand hours on etsy, and countless more on designsponge, apartment therapy, decor8, and the recently deceased domino magazine. I’ll be soon starting to post my lists of etsy favorites, which might take me through my 40s to get through the list.

So with the end of my lease coming up, and after flirting w/ the idea of moving, I’ve decided to renew my lease with the hopes I can make the place look less shabby (no, it’s not chic). Hopefully this will mean the pipes under sink will FINALLY be fixed properly – i.e. no duct tape – by my landlord and I’ll get the okay to paint the walls. And with a few new additions (and touchups to the old) hopefully I can whip this place into something that feels a lot more stylish and a lot less awkwardly post-collegiate.

First up: the walls.

the great white wall of bland

the great white wall of bland

The walls in my place have that distinct “older apartment charm” (landlord’s words, not mine) which is just a fancy way of saying that they look older than sand. They have been repainted white a trillion times, and in some parts you can see where it’s been poorly replastered or repainted. Enter me + bright ideas.

I’m thinking grey for the living room,and either blue or yellow for the dining room. The bedroom remains undecided, as I recently bought boldly patterned drapes, and they dare you not to match the rest of the room to them – that leaves me with grey or pink. The kitchen is so overwhelmingly boring I don’t want to talk about it. The only thing that makes that room interesting is the collection of dishes that are usually creatively piled up.


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