smug marrieds

It’s a real thing. None of my friends do this to me, but people I have met feel like if you don’t have a) a husband, b) a home c) a large animal or d) a child, you have zero excuse to be tired, cranky, poor or even stressed. I realize this isn’t exactly a new problem, but lately I’ve been smug-slapped a few thousand times by people who hardly know me, and I’m really getting sick of it.

Example conversation:

Me: I’m tired because my cat kept me up last night.
Me: …  Wow, you win.

Since when do people with adult committments feel like it’s okay to belittle those who don’t have them? I’m not smashing my singlehood in their faces. Are people like me not allowed to feel pain because we have “less to worry about”? I didn’t tell you to buy that big dumb house. Stress is relative to the person going through it, so shut up. Until I start rubbing in how great it is to be able to move every six months and be able to leave my house whenever I please, keep your committed smugness to yourself. Ugh.

Rant: Done


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