good song, good day

It’s a beautiful day outside! I’m so happy the weather is finally turning around. I think I’ve signed myself up for way too much. I have like a billion things that need to be gone to or done. LIKE:

– Sitting in the park and finishing the DAMN book for book club tomorrow
– Talking sense into sister
– boosting economy with Meagan
– First Fridays!
– Work. Out. It’s been damn near all week since my last hearty sweat.
– Book Club somewhere way out there in Missouri
Good Juju
– The Blue Desk Project. If I don’t succeed in this, then I will just frame a whole bunch of sh*t and start another project that could get expensive.
– Making or baking something. Last week’s lasagna was a smash.

Also, here’s a groove. Don’t laugh, but I used to all about this CD. Got sick of it, of course, but this song came on this morning and it was perfect. Enjoy.


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