flannel sheets not included

So, I’m considering a move. My apartment is great, and cheap, but I’m entertaining the idea of moving somewhere I’ll have a landlord that fixes the problems the first time, I’ll have a working sink (+ dishwasher!) and I won’t be paying through the nose to heat the place.

However, I have a suggestion. If you are trying to get people to  move in to your listing, do NOT decorate it to look like THIS:

flannel sheets + breakfast tray = decorating FAIL

flannel sheets + breakfast tray = decorating FAIL

Seriously? This is the BEST queen duvet set you could fork out for? The addition of the breakfast tray really isn’t making this seem any homier at all. This reeks of clearance bedroom set at Nebraska Furniture Mart. It’s hard to imagine your stuff in here with this flannel upsetting everything.

I wish I saved more of the photos I’ve looked at, because landlords do not equal good judges of character in regards to decorating.


2 thoughts on “flannel sheets not included

  1. That bed skirt looks like it’s spent the past 5 years crammed into a corner in my closet before someone remembered, “SHIT! We forgot the bed skirt! It’s around here somewhere.”

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