new look

If you’ve read this blog more than once, you’ve noticed by now I have departed the former look. It got massively annoying having to resize everything to be minuscule to fit in the 4-column format. The new look might be temporary, as I sort out what exactly I want this to do.

I was home today and had a massively unproductive day. My apartment is still a total explosion of mess. My dishes are done, which is always the first step. I don’t feel too bad about not doing much of anything, as I’ve had the long week from hell at my job and started my first day off horribly by checking into my work email, only to have my day crapped on by my boss. Grrr.

I saw three movies this week. Let’s review:
1) Burn After Reading: much, much better than I think the reviews said it was. I really, really enjoyed this movie – funny, well acted, really entertaining.
2) Black Snake Moan: don’t judge me for this one. I was minorly interested in what this movie had to offer. It was … okay. Christina Ricci just cannot handle being convincingly angry, but she does do skank pretty well. I’d say it’s worth a rental.
3) Mamma Mia: WORST. EVER.


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