Shoe Repair FAIL

I went to a shoe repair shop in Brookside today to have my beloved Aldo boot fixed. After walking in, the cute old indistinctly-foreign owner/cobbler was standing right at front, doing some surgery work to an old watch. Who knows. So after standing there for like, 2 WHOLE minutes watching him hit a watch:

Man: Can I help you?
Me: Yes. This. (shows torn inside seam of boot.)
Man: NO. Can’t fix.
Me: Are you sure? I’ve had it fixed before–
Man: NO, can’t do. Inside.
Me: Okay…?
Man: Don’t fix inside. Sorry. (Puts boot back in plastic bag, gives it to me)
*Both look at each other*
Me: Well… thanks anyway.

I got kicked out of a cobbler shop.


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